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Mundekulla, Sweden

A holistic retreat involving yoga, breathing practices, Buddhist philosophy, Psychotherapeutic concepts, meditations and tools to regulate the nervous system and to help one navigate the ups and downs of life from an easier, wiser and more spacious place.

Patterns of breath, physical tension, thought, nervous system reactions all develop in an intelligent way, at the time they are created they are serving the person in some way.  This retreat aims to take a look at these patterns to learn about them, why they developed, are they still serving a positive purpose and to hold them compassionately in order to potentially heal them.

We will look at the importance of breathing. How the breath greatly affects our nervous system, and also how we feel and think. We will look at current breathing habits, breathing for optimal performance and breathing patterns for nervous system regulation helping one become more resilient and less emotionally reactive in life’s daily challenges.

Psychotherapeutic Concepts
We will take a deeper look at the layers of personality to better understand our different behaviours. We will reflect upon why we act the way we do and look at the different personality structures that we have built during our lives through a compassionate lens. Once we have this deeper understanding it is much easier to integrate these parts/behaviours compassionately into our daily lives for a greater feeling of ease and wholeness. I truly believe the more compassion we can have for our different sides the more we can hold other people with the same compassion, especially when challenged.

Buddhist Philosophy and meditation
We will use various meditation practices to both help with focus, presence and to help one find that place of compassionate rest amidst the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life. We will practice different meditations including: meditations to increase focus, investigative meditations of thoughts and emotions and also loving kindness meditations.

We will be practicing different styles of yoga including hatha, yin and vinyasa. The different focuses will include: the health of the glandular system (its importance for overall health) and how it relates to yoga. Movements to awaken the organs and also yoga for regulating the autonomic nervous system.

Mindful Communication (mindful listening and speaking)
We will use techniques in communication that can help us feel into our needs and the needs of others too, to make communication easier and life richer. These are truly amazing tools to have in any day to day relating. To be seen and heard is one life’s biggest needs and in the ever increasing pace of life I worry we are missing each other amidst each other. These tools have had a profound impact on my close relationships with my friends, partner and children.

Practical information

Retreat fee: 2400 SEK

Accomodation and food:

Single room with shower/wc: 3420 SEK
Single room, shared shower/wc: 3120 SEK
Part in double room with shower/wc: 2970 SEK
Part in double room, shared shower/wc: 2670 SEK
Part in triple bed room with shower/wc: 2670 SEK
Part in triple bed room, shared shower/wc: 2370 SEK
Entire Viking Cottage Frej (2 persons), 150 m to wc/shower: 5140 SEK
Single room, Viking Cottage Freja, 150 m to wc/shower: 3020 SEK
Sleeping alcove behind curtain (incl. duvet, mattress and pillow): 2220 SEK

You sign up in two steps:

1. By paying the course fee SEK 2400 to Luke Bache, account number: 890035-9 (Plusgiro, Nordea Bank).
When paying the course fee to Luke please email to confirm your booking, to: urtruenature@gmail.com

2. By filling in your information in the booking form with chosen sleeping options.
(You pay for food and lodging upon arrival to Mundekulla at check in.)

Refund Policy

Please note that all deposits paid are non-refundable.

If you are unable to attend the retreat you have the option to transfer your deposit to a future retreat, subject to notifying us of your cancellation at least 8 weeks in advance.