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Malaga, Spain

April 20-27, 2019
With Penny Christodoulides & Luke Bache

A Hatha and Yin Yoga retreat during late April 2019, at the beautiful Centro Santillán Yoga and Wellness Centre. It was voted one of the top 20 Yoga Retreat Centres in the World by “The Times”, this year. A full 7 days of morning and evening practice with plenty of time to explore and relax at your own leisure, whether that’s at the poolside, hiking through the mountains or a walk to the ocean.

Santillan yoga studio

The Retreat Rhythm


  • Before practice there will be tea, coffee and fruit available if wanted.
  • 2.5 hours practice.
  • Penny will guide you through a two-hour mixed level asana practice, infused with pranayama. During these sessions there may be times where there is deconstruction of the pose/sequence and some partner work if you wish to. At the end of the practice, TRE (Trauma/Tension Releasing exercises) may but taught if and where appropriate.
  • Followed by breakfast around 9.30am. Time to relax, lie in the sun, hike or take a dip in the salt water pool and then a light lunch around 1.30pm from the retreat’s own private chef!
  • Every other morning: An hour Vinyasa Qi flow by Luke

Early afternoons:

  • Luke will guide a 90-minute yin class combining Chinese meridian theory, Taoist energy practices and Buddhist philosphy to provide a space of internal investigation and acceptance, followed by a guided meditation.


  • Dinner will be served around 5.30pm and then it is time for an evening talk by Luke with therapeutic listening and Non
  • Violent Communication practices (NVC), group discussion on a philosophical or health topic followed by a final meditation to round off each wonderful day.
Santillan yoga studio

What you can expect

  • 2 yoga classes a day, a more dynamic class in the morning and a more restorative/yin practice in the late afternoons
  • A Vinyasa flow every other day
  • A daily talk in the evenings on philosophy or mental, emotional and physical health as well as NVC
  • Daily meditations designed to enable you to establish your own meditation practice at home
  • 3 meals prepared by our wonderful chefs! If you have any food allergies then please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.
  • Use of all the facilities like the natural salt-water pool, paddle tennis, wifi, tea, coffee and fruit are include in the price.
Santillan house


  • Single room ensuite 15.400 SEK
  • Twin ensuite: 12.500 SEK per person (2 people sharing)
  • Triple/3 bed sharing: 9.950 SEK
  • The king suite per person 15.400 based on 2 sharing
Santillan garden and swimming pool

You may also pay in EURO or your own currency to the equivalent of the Swedish crown

flights, and transport to/from Santillan Yoga Retreat, though they are able to arrange a local taxi service to provide transfers for an approximate fee of €50 one way if we can assemble a group of 4. You will need to give us enough notice so we can inform them. There is also a minivan service for up to 8 guests that costs around €60 one-way, this is for the whole car/van and not per person.

The nearest airport is Malaga International:

If flying from Stockholm we recommend SAS, or Primera Air Nordic.
If flying from the UK there are more options, including: British Airways, Easy Jet and Primera Air Scandinavia.

In the event of an unforeseeable cancellation from either party, we do advise you take out travel insurance to cover any costs.


We start at 16.30 on April 20th 2019.


Please send us BOTH an email regarding the retreat and any questions you may have.

Luke: yogatherapylive@gmail.com
Penny: penny@insituosteopathy.com

A DEPOSIT of 4000kr is required ot secure your place. Payment is sent to and is non refundable. PLease make full payment at to arrive on the account by March 20th.

WHEN SENDING PAYMENT: write “YOGA RETREAT 2019” and your name. If you are paying outside of Sweden then here are further details:

ACC. NUMBER: 5201 31 298 23 (SEB)
Iban number: SE1950000000052013129823

If you have the option to pay in SEK that would be great.

FEES ON TRANSFERRING: Please take into consideration there are fees in transferring money and those fees are paid by the sender.


Santillan sunset

Teacher's Bio

About Luke

Luke BacheLuke is an “international man of mystery” also know as an experienced Yoga teacher, Therapeutic Yoga consultant and Mindfulness coach.

For the last 14 years he has worked as a personal trainer in muscular skeletal clinics in New Zealand, lived and practiced qi gong and meditation with Shaolin monks in China, studied the traditional art of Tantra yoga for two years in Thailand and spent over a month in silence meditating in a Buddhist monastery.

His classes are therefore a mix of yoga, Qi gong, Buddhist philosophy, psychotherapeutic concepts and neuroscience. He has worked with Samsung to spread the culture of Mindfulness, is a proud Ambassador for the mindful clothing company Casall and was the therapeutic yoga teacher on the hit BBC show, ‘The Retreat.’
His aim is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to honour the tradition of yoga whilst using modern scientific studies on its benefits to merge the old with the new.

Currently studying NVC and sensorimotor psychotherapy.


About Penny

Penny Christodoulides‘My approach when I teach a class is based on that fact that the dynamics will vary, the needs are changing and the options are endless. I aim to recognise the possibilities within each practitioner and guide them towards a healthy, safe and accessible place where at times it may be challenging. The practitioner gets to explore, elaborate, experience and accept the practice that keeps them inspired and enlivened yet present and trusting in shaping their journey with guidance. The classes I’m teaching are a slower based hatha with numerous modifications and a multitude of variations to suit the varying ability of each and every practitioner. There is always time to navigate the transitions and arrive in the pose without stress.

Please note that breath is a priority always. Admittedly each class is injected with inversions and hand balances such as handstands to forearm balances, though this is purely optional and taught always with the ability of the practitioner in mind. Of course this is dependent upon personal needs, injuries, restrictions, moods etc. Over the years, the way I teach has been shaped not only by observing my own body’s inherent changes and that of the practitioner, but from the principles and philosophy of both Yoga and Osteopathy reminding us that nothing works in isolation, that under the right circumstances, the body is self healing and self regulating and that it constantly strives for health, freedom and rhythm in each movement.

I prefer to facilitate the empowerment of the student’s choice in discovering the appropriate practice based on their empirical knowledge, rather than dogmatic must dos.’

(Please note headstand, shoulder-stand and lotus are omitted from this retreat.)

During the retreat I am available at select times for Osteopathic treatments.


Get in touch to ask any questions or to book a spot and experience this magical yoga retreat in the mountains!

Retreat Policy

Phones/computers/ipads etc are strictly used either in the library or your room.