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Borntorpet, Sweden

From Flow to Stillness

A weekend retreat with Luke Bache and Julia Nilsson at Borntorpet, Shambala Gatherings

11-13th of May 2018

Welcome to a weekend retreat with yoga, meditation, unique workshops, and 24 hours of silence. We hope to provide a safe and relaxed space where you can take a step back from the everyday stress of life, drop into your body and learn how to slow the mind, breathe and relax. We will explore the power of silence, compare stillness with movement and flow, and how we as individuals can tune into our natural state of patience and compassion to then share with others.


The workshops will be taught in English. All levels are welcome, no experience of yoga or meditation are required.

The retreat will be held at Borntorpet Shambala Gatherings, located in the forests of Bergslagen around Skinnskatteberg. The food is vegan, locally grown, and gluten free, inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy.

Prices and Booking Information

The price includes all of the workshops, all of the meals from Friday dinner until Sunday lunch, and accommodation in shared room.

Early Bird price: 3900 sek ( Pay before 28th of February)
Ordinary Price: 4500 sek

Required deposit to make a reservation is 1000 sek.
Payments are being done to Yogansas Plusgiro: 639483-7
Please leave message “SilenceRetreat+yourname” with the payment.
Deposits can also be made to Yogansas Swish: 1233-959095

Read more about the accommodation here.


A Sneaky Look at the Program

Friday 11th of May

17.00-18.30 Heart Opening Yoga & Mindfulness with Luke and welcome-circle with Luke & Julia

In this class, we will learn about the law of resonance an ancient Tantric teaching. We will also look at “heart coherence”, how adopting a state of gratitude brings balance to our nervous system and entire being. The practice is a fusion of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, qi gong and several mindfulness techniques.

19.30-20.30 Transfiguration inter-being meditation with Luke

In the traditional yoga texts, they believe we are all divine and we see the divine in each other. ‘Whatever role you put on someone is the role they will fulfil. Learn techniques and philosophy that make it easier to embody this belief.’

Saturday 12th of May

07.30-9.00 Vinyasa Flow with Luke and Singing Bowls by Julia

Start the day with a dynamic vinyasa flow yoga accompanied by the healing sounds of the singing bowl. The sounds will bring a deeper vibration to every cell of your body.

9.00 Breakfast

10.30-11.30 A talk about the importance of stepping into silence by Luke – 24 hours of silence starts.

For the next 24 hours, noble silence will be held. This lecture will talk about why silence is so powerful and some of the challenges one might face during this period. Please know, we are available during this period if you are struggling and need to talk to us.

12.00 Lunch

16.30-18.00 Sound Yin with Julia Nilsson

Sound healing penetrates our bodies on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Everything in the universe has a unique vibration. With sound healing, we are tuning the body as an instrument from disharmony into harmony. In combination with yin yoga postures, your body will receive deep healing and relaxation.

18.30 Dinner

19.30 Heart Meditation

We all join together in a group meditation to collectively go deeper into the heart chakra.

Sunday 13th of May

07.30-09.00 Morning Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama & Meditation by Luke

By now we are over half way through our 24 hours of silence. Drop deeper into your body with this moment to moment, non-judgmental flow followed by a pranayama ( breathing exercises ) and meditation.

9.00 Breakfast

10.00-12.00 Lecture about situational psychology and Compassion Meditation by Luke. Silence ending & sharing.

In this talk we look at the philosophy, ‘ If I were you I would do as you do.’ A philosophy that brings patience and compassion to our everyday lives. Helping us improve and enrich every relationship.

12.30 Lunch

13.30-14.30 Finding your Voice, workshop Julia

The most healing sound we can hear is our own voice. Therefore we will journey with guidance through our body to discover what needs to be expressed in each chakra ( energy center) to discover and feel the sound of our inner voice of expression.

14.30-15.30 Closing Circle with meditation

Very welcome to make your reservation for the retreat to info@yogansa.se.

During spring 2018 we will invite you to meet Luke & Julia for those who are interested.

Join us as we flow from stillness

Get in touch to to experience this magical yoga retreat in the Swedish countryside

Refund Policy

Please note that all deposits paid are non-refundable.

If you are unable to attend the retreat you have the option to transfer your deposit to a future retreat, subject to notifying us of your cancellation at least 8 weeks in advance.